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 Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

Once you successfully complete a PayPal transaction,
PayPal will email a receipt of the transaction to you
using the email address you provided on your order form.

Please read the below information carefully!

PayPal will also email RAD Software about your order.

As soon as PayPal contacts us with payment confirmation and ordering specifics, RAD Software will contact you via the email address that you provided and inform you of the License Key# you will need to register your currently installed evaluation version. This License Key# will be uniquely associated with the User Name you provided when you ordered.

When you receive your License Key# from RAD Software, start the currently installed evaluation version of the software you just ordered. At the Title Page, click the ‘Register License Key#’ button. The registration process will ask you to enter your User Name and License Key#. You must enter this information exactly as shown in the email sent to you by RAD Software.

When you have completed the above steps, your evaluation version of the software will be instantly converted to a fully-functional, registered, unlimited-use licensed version! Your ‘User Name’ will appear in the main windows of the software and on all printouts.

It is very important that you provide accurate information for the registration process to be completed successfully and correctly. Please note the following:

  • If the Title Page of your currently installed evaluation version of the software you ordered does not have a ‘Register Now’ button, then you need to go RAD Software’s website (www.radsoftware.org), download, and install the latest version of that software now.
  • If you wish for the User Name to be different than that listed on the order form, you need to email RAD Software immediately!
  • If this software is intended for use by a business, agency, or organization and you did not provide the name of that business in the comments section of the PayPal order form, you need to contact RAD Software by email immediately to inform us of the name of the intended business, agency, or organization as you wish for it to appear in the software’s displays and printouts.

    (This is particularly important if you are ordering any of the law enforcement software programs, as RAD Software normally will not process such orders without the name of a business, agency, or organization.)
  • If this is a gift for someone else, you need to contact RAD Software by email right away and provide the name of the gift recipient that you wish to appear in the software.

And you will like this: While you are waiting for your License Key# information to be emailed to you, you can continue to use the evaluation version as if it were a licensed version! Why? Because when you convert your evaluation version to a licensed version, you will not lose any data that you have already entered!


In closing, thanks again for ordering from RAD Software & Consulting!