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RAD Software & Consulting’s flagship software application for law enforcement/public safety, this is a mainframe quality police call-taking & radio dispatching program.


Whether your agency’s evidence room is a large closet or a small warehouse, you need to be able to maintain a court-quality database of evidence gathered by your agency.


An incident report writing software package that guarantees your reports are never mislaid or misfiled!


If you are like most departments, your agency’s traffic tickets are entered on a paper ledger/log.  Once you’ve reviewed this software-- a computerized traffic citation history log-- you’ll never look back!


How would you like to computerize your officers’ training records with powerful features that let you conduct searches, and provide summaries, reports, and printouts to keep your training records up to date? This software makes it a snap to stay on top of the many training hour requirements, certifications, refreshers, in-service needs, etc., that your agency is required to keep records of.


Firearms instructors have found that is software is the perfect way to maintain records of officers’ firearms’ performances.


Personnel management software designed specifically for agencies that have both sworn officers and civilian employees.



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