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released Feb. 2021

Financial  Manager

Illustrated Manual
(PDF format)

Do you need a solid dependable checking account program, but find that software programs like Quicken and MS Money are too complicated and tedious for your straightforward checking, savings, and credit card accounts? Since 1987 (that’s a long time for a software program, folks...) MyCash has been providing outstanding financial management services for people around the world. Now, MyCash is available in a Pro version, with all the features offered in all of our Pro-level software applications!

Now, without a doubt, MyCash is the best desktop personal checking account manager you will find anywhere at any price!

The most important improvement, we think you’ll agree, is that each MyCash account can now be individually protected from unauthorized access with a highly configurable, yet very easy to use, query/response methodology that virtually insures that you will never forget your ‘password’ ever again!

Also, MyCash now maintains an unlimited number of separate financial accounts (checking, savings, credit cards, etc.), and an unlimited number of transactions within each account.

Further, MyCash does all of the things you would want in a home-oriented program. For instance, it does all the math for you, of course. It will also print your checks, and display graphic analysis of your spending patterns. MyCash also has an auto-reconciliation feature that lets you reconcile your monthly statement in just seconds. MyCash has flexible searching, sub-listing, report summaries, printing options, and so much more-- yet it is so easy to learn and use!

If we may suggest-- first, click here to review our fully illustrated MyCash Manual. If you like what you see, click here and download the latest full-featured version of MyCash for free and use it like you own it, for up to about a month (after that, the evaluation version becomes feature-limited). Then, if MyCash isn’t for you, uninstall it and you’ve lost nothing.

But if you find out-- like so many others-- that MyCash is indispensable in managing your personal and/or small business finances, get in touch with us so we can send you a License Key# that will instantly convert your evaluation version to a licensed unlimited-use version! And the best news of all? All the data that you entered during the evaluation period is preserved when you convert your evaluation version to a licensed version, so you do not lose any important financial data that you entered while reviewing MyCash!

For straightforward personal use, MyCash is your best answer, and at the best price, too!  Download MyCash now for free and see for yourself!

Are you currently a licensed MyCash customer looking to upgrade? Rest assured: You can download and install a newer version over your existing version of MyCash and not lose any of your data, so you do not have to re-enter anything! Also, upgrades are only $5 for minor revisions, and only $10 for a major upgrade release!

The latest full-featured version of MyCash can be downloaded and installed on your computer at no cost right now by clicking the ‘Free download’ icon at the top of this page. Upon installation, it will run ‘like you own it’ for 30 days. After 30 days, it will continue to run, but certain features of the software will become limited.

At any point during or after the initial 30 days of use, you have two options:

1) You can uninstall MyCash using the convenient one-click uninstall option, with our sincere appreciation for reviewing our software, or

2) You can purchase and apply a License Key# which will register and unlock the software for fully-featured unlimited use. You will not lose any data entered prior to applying a License Key# to the software.

If you want to license MyCash - Pro Version for unlimited use for only $25, please click the ‘Buy Now’ button below...


Contact RAD Software via email if you are a currently licensed MyCash user for upgrade discounts. Terms and Conditions