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For your peace of mind...

Here at RAD Software & Consulting, we respect not only your privacy, but the security and integrity of your computer system as well.  We are very concerned about software developers who try (or succeed) to include certain types of processes in their software-- things like toolbars, search engines, adware, monitoring functions that are done without the user’s knowledge, and similar inexcusable tactics.

RAD Software & Consulting wants to reassure you that we have never, and will never, include such processes in our software applications.

But we go much further than that...

  • All software applications are packaged as a single convenient installation file, and scanned for viruses prior to release.  RAD Software & Consulting has never had a single reported instance of infected code in all these years.
  • All software application installation files automatically place an uninstall option that is available as a menu choice. The uninstall option will also be available via your <Control Panel> (‘Add/Remove Software’ option).

    If you elect to uninstall a software application program, all files, registry entries, and supporting runtime extensions that are exclusive to that program will be completely removed from your system.  However, any data files that you created using the program will be saved just in case you want to keep them.
  • If you are installing a licensed version of one of our software applications program over an existing evaluation version, or installing a newer version over an older version, rest easy-- doing so will never cause you to lose any data that you have already created.
  • A ‘ReadMe.Txt’ is included in the installation, and available as a menu choice, which may contain any last-minute information that you can review at any time.

We hope that this information reassures you that RAD Software & Consulting is serious about offering you an extremely high standard of customer service that you should expect of any software application developer!  We want to be sure that you know that RAD Software & Consulting is committed to providing you with quality software applications that includes no rude surprises or unasked for ‘features’!

If you have any questions about these issues, and would like to ask about any points perhaps not covered here, please contact us!