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This Finance Management software was originally released in 1987.  After all these years, it is still the most successful and popular program ever offered by RAD Software & Consulting.  Bottom line: MyCash is the best personal checking account software you will find anywhere at any price.


The next most popular home/office software is a multi-function organizer, scheduler, reminder, alarm, and to-do list.


If you see the importance of keeping information about your vehicles in one comprehensive organized place, then this is the software for you.


The best computerized rolodex/address book you’ll find anywhere.



If you love books, then you will really love this software, which is also popular for maintaining small libraries in churches, small businesses, and so on.


If you are a business owner, then you will find that this software is an indispensable personnel information manager


The best way to maintain your business training records.

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