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Premium Version!

Are you the Firearms Instructor for your agency? If so, you will find that CopGun is the perfect answer if you want an easy, practical, and powerful way of entering and maintaining firearm scores.


This ‘Premium Version’ of CopGun is a significantly enhanced version that has many additional features and options that any Firearms Instructor would, and should, demand of this kind of software. For instance:

    • CopGun controls user access through an Admin Window, where the program administrator can create a list of people authorized to use the software, a unique password for each person, and the access level that user is allowed (View Records only, View & Edit Records only, View, Edit, & Delete Records, or Full Access-- View, Edit, Delete, and Add Records). Once a user is listed in the User List, he can select his name, enter his password, and use CopGun within the restrictions of his access level privileges.
    • A User Access Log is automatically maintained by CopGun, which the program administrator can review at any time.
    • CopGun can now maintain an unlimited number of records in a highly efficient database.
    • Because the security and integrity of the database that you create is so important to your organization, CopGun has built-in one-click data backup and restore services to keep your database records secure and safe.
    • CopGun tracks both current and previous employees, and gives the user the option of displaying either group (or both).  This allows a Firearms Instructor to keep firearms records on past employees, but display this information only as needed, such as for annual group summaries that may or may not include past employees.
    • CopGun has a comprehensive built-in context-sensitive and indexed manual that is available at any time by pressing the <F1> key.
    • CopGun also has powerful and sophisticated searching and sub-listing capabilities. You can find any one entry among thousands instantly. Or, you can define a search criteria and instantly create a sub-list of matching entries. These features are invaluable in creating periodic summaries for administrative use.
    • CopGun has flexible printing options that let you print any one entry, or any list (or sub-list) of entries that you generate. The printouts are presentation quality, ready for inclusion and distribution in reports, etc.

Are you an existing CopGun customer? No problems: Data records created with your ‘non-Premium version’ of CopGun can be used by this new release without conversion!

Download CopGun and discover why Firearms Instructors consider this ‘Premium Version’ to be the best software available at any price.

The latest full-featured version of CopGun can be downloaded and installed on your computer at no cost right now by clicking the ‘Free download’ icon at the top of this page. Upon installation, it will run ‘like you own it’ for 30 days. After 30 days, it will continue to run, but certain features of the software will become limited.

At any point during or after the initial 30 days of use, you have two options:

1) You can uninstall CopGun using the convenient one-click uninstall option, with our sincere appreciation for reviewing our software, or

2) You can purchase and apply a License Key# which will register and unlock the software for fully-featured unlimited use. You will not lose any data entered prior to applying a License Key# to the software.

If you want to license the software for unlimited use, select a buying option below from the drop-down list and then click the ‘Buy Now’ button when you are ready to order...

CopGun License

Contact RAD Software for multiple licensing arrangements, upgrade discounts, and volume discount options. Terms and Conditions

If you would rather order CopGun by other means, click the Ordering Options link for more assistance.