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RAD Software & Consulting wants to work with you in setting up ACT Program training for your officers, and at a very affordable rate!

The ACT Program is offered as one of three options:

ACT Program - Level I

The Level I option provides each of your officers with a paperback copy of Man with a Gun (written by the creator of the ACT Program, it is essentially the ACT Program in book form, 124 pages, available on Amazon.com) that your department can use as part of their initial and/or annual in-service training requirements. This package would also include a written test form we provide that you can use to document the officers’ training, and training certificate forms to be completed and issued to the officers for their personal recordkeeping and resumes.

ACT Program - Level II

The Level II option provides a full eight-hour block of classroom instructional training by the creator and administrator of the ACT Program, to be held on-site at your location. This training would include involving the officers in many live-exercises in the classroom itself for demonstration purposes, and would conclude with a written test and completed training certificates.

ACT Program - Level III

The Level III option provides a full-service on-site ACT Program training session. The creator/administrator of the ACT Program would visit your location and help you arrange and set up the program for state-certified police officers or certified private security personnel. Training would consist of an initial four-hour block of classroom instruction followed by running each officer through a series of eight extremely realistic scenarios in a fully immersive environment.

It would be your responsibility as the hosting department to provide an appropriate building, actors, assistant facilitators, weapons/blanks, props, and other various but easy to obtain materials needed to set up the program.

ACT Program - Pricing Schedule

ACT Program pricing is very affordable, and is calculated on a per-officer-trained basis, appropriately structured for the level of training selected. Please see the appropriate PDF document link (in the ‘Additional Information’ box, below) for more information.

Contact us by emailing actprogram@radsoftware.org to set up an ACT Program training option for your department, to ask questions, or get more information!

Additional Information

Review/download the below PDF documents for important details you will need for planning purposes in order to make arrangements to provide ACT Program training for your officers!

The ACT Program - Introduction

The ACT Program Level III - Preparation

The ACT Program Level III - On-site schedule

The ACT Program - Pricing Schedule

These are the alarming facts:

Every year, more than 50,000 police officers are assaulted in the line of duty. Over 2,000 of those assaults involve a confrontation with an armed suspect. The tragic consequences: over 50 police officers are being shot to death by armed suspects, each year, every year! (Sources: the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted, publications from 1972 to 2012).

This means that about 5,000 police officers have been killed in the line of duty by an armed suspect in the past century!

Even more alarming, an exhaustive research and analysis of thousands of such incidents strongly suggest that anywhere from 75%-90% of those officers killed could have survived the armed encounter if they had been trained in a small handful of critical and life-saving principles, practices, and guidelines! In other words, literally thousands of police officers did not have to die!

Based on the above mentioned research, the Armed Confrontation Training (ACT) Program was created to realistically train police officers how to survive a confrontation with an armed suspect. Thousands of police officers have received this training over the years, and many of them have later credited the ACT Program with saving their lives in the course of their duties!


See the Videos!

Click the YouTube video links below to view TV news reports about the ACT Program, with live action shots of officers actually in the midst of the stressful training.

ACT Program - Video 1
ACT Program - Video 2
ACT Program - Video 3

Man with a Gun!

Written by the creator  of the ACT Program, ‘Man with a Gun’ is a 124-page book that is essentially the ACT Program in a paperback format. It is the centerpiece of the ACT Program - Level I training, and can also be ordered on Amazon.com anytime at the below link:

Order the paperback on Amazon.com

See the Facebook page here!

The back cover reads: “Whether you are a police officer dispatched to an 'Armed Robbery in Progress' call, a driver facing an armed and out-of-control road rage motorist, or a shopper accosted by a someone with a  pistol while walking to your parked car, a  'Man with a Gun' is one of the most dangerous scenarios anyone can face.

This book lays out the facts for you, based on extensive research and analysis of thousands of actual events as compiled by local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

Patterns and commonalities emerge that paint a picture of survival-- or death-- based on your application of the information learned in this book.

The author is a retired Police Major who spent many years as a street patrol officer, and later as Director of Training for a large city police department. Under his development and direction, thousands of police officers underwent an intensive and realistic Armed Confrontation Training (ACT) Program that helped them develop skills that allowed them survive situations in which other  officers were killed in real life.

Hopefully, you will never have to deal with an armed person. But if it happens, and you want to dramatically increase your chances of walking away alive, then you owe it to yourself and your family to read this book.”

Click here for a 34-page edited sampler in PDF format!