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911-Center Call-Taking &
Radio Dispatching Software

Pro Version!

Illustrated Manual
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911CAD: This Pro Version is the biggest jump in features, options, and enhancements in the history of this mainframe-quality 911-Center Police Call-Taking & Radio-Dispatching software program since it was first introduced in 1993-- yet, like its predecessors (911Help , e911Help, and e911Pro), 911CAD still runs on any PC at a fraction of the cost of any other comparable software!

Compatible with all versions of 32-bit and 64-bit Windows!

In addition to all the features that made the previous versions so useful and powerful, this Pro Version of 911CAD as many  additional features and enhancements for both the call-taker and the radio dispatcher:

  • 911CAD controls user access through an Administrative Window, where the program administrator can create a list of people authorized to use the software, a unique password for each person, and the access level that user is allowed (Read Only, Dispatcher Access, Supervisory Access, or Administrative Access).
  • Taking advantage of now-standard wide-screen monitors, 911CAD now displays both the Incident Board and the Unit Board side-by-side in a re-designed Main Window, cooperatively and interactively working with each other in real time to provide instant and comprehensive updates for the user.
  • Five different event logs track every significant activity a dispatcher performs, thus providing comprehensive data security and accountability.
  • Instant on-screen mapping displays and pinpoints any address on a Call Card (internet connection required).
  • The Contact Management text pad can now hold any amount of critical contact information.
  • 911CAD creates a lot of critically important data files, so one-click backup and restore services allow you to instantly backup (or restore) your important data quickly and accurately to (or from) any kind of backup media you wish to use!
  • Five default web site listings in the one-click Internet Services option that are individually configurable.
  • 911CAD features many time-saving efficiencies that automates data entry for quick and accurate entries, such as AutoAddressEntry, AutoBeatEntry, AutoDateTimeEntry, one-click DispositionEntry, one-click TypeCallEntry, AutoPrinting, and many other such powerful and sophisticated features.
  • The 911CAD Administrator the option of displaying the Main Window window as either a resizable form, or as a ‘Full-screen Only’ form!

Since 1993, 911CAD and its predecessors have been providing mission-critical services for thousands of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies throughout the world, as well as other security contingents such as campus, hospital, schools, shopping centers, casinos, and many other public safety-related businesses around the world. In all this time, with collectively millions of incidents entered and processed, there has never been a single reported instance of data loss or program failure! How many software programs of any type can make that kind of quality service statement?

Bragging Rights: In 2011, we submitted 911CAD to FEMA’s National Incident Management System Supporting Technology Evaluation Program (NIMS-STEP) for evaluation. This is an extremely rigorous and demanding process that took months to participate in and complete. At the end of the process in late summer, our 911CAD software received an extremely high rating in all of the evaluative criteria! We are proud to offer the NIMS-STEP report here for your review!

Download this full-featured review version at no cost or obligation and find out for yourself why 911CAD is the best Police Call-Taking & Radio Dispatching software you will find anywhere at any price!

Currently Licensed Users:

Note that if you are a currently licensed user of 911CAD, this latest update is available at a significant discount of up to 75%!

Abridged release history:

06/xx/1993 w1.xx.xx (DOS-based platform)
07/xx/1994 w2.xx.xx
08/xx/1995 w3.xx.xx
11/xx/1997 w4.xx.xx (Windows 16-bit platform)
03/xx/2002 w5.xx.xx (Windows 32-bit platform)
10/12/2003 w6.01.13
03/20/2004 w6.12.15
07/07/2004 w6.15.16
08/17/2004 w6.16.14
06/30/2005 w6.21.14
09/20/2006 w7.14.27
07/20/2009 w8.14.01 (Windows 32/64-bit platform)
04/14/2010 w8.21.19
05/22/2012 w8.21.22 (small bug fixes)
03/21/2014 w9.11.14 (Major update)
10/28/2014 w9.11.16 (Minor bug fixes)


The latest full-featured version of 911CAD can be downloaded and installed on your computer at no cost right now by clicking the ‘Free download’ icon at the top of this page. Upon installation, it will run ‘like you own it’ for 30 days. After 30 days, it will continue to run, but certain features of the software will become limited.

At any point during or after the initial 30 days of use, you have two options:

1) You can uninstall 911CAD using the convenient one-click uninstall option, with our sincere appreciation for reviewing our software, or

2) You can purchase and apply a License Key# which will register and unlock the software for fully-featured unlimited use. You will not lose any data entered prior to applying a License Key# to the software.

If you want to license the software for unlimited use, select a buying option below from the drop-down list and then click the ‘Buy Now’ button when you are ready to order...

911CAD License

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