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Click here for more information about using our software with 64-bit Windows operating systems!

Important Announcement!

We have Moved!!!

After almost 30 years in Georgia, we are now located in Marion County, Florida! Same software, same service, but warmer weather!!!

Unfortunately, this means we will have to discontinue our Georgia-based telephone contact number that you’ve come to depend on for all these years, too! For those who use older software versions that have the old phone number hard-coded in the Title Window, we apologize for the inconvenience! But please remember that you can always contact us via email at contact@radsoftware.org during the interim or any other time!

Law Enforcement Software
Latest News!

We have released a major upgrade of our

911CAD - Pro Version

police call-taking radio-dispatching software! This version will include many features users have been asking for, including:

* Redesigned forms for wide-screen
* Export data to Excel formats for
  spreadsheeting analysis!
* Brought up to the latest standards
  of functionality and Windows
* Much, much more! Click
  for more information!

Home/Office Software
Latest News!

We’ve released an important update of our

MyCash - Pro Version

financial management software!

This latest update is only $5 for previously licensed users! Click here for more information.

ACT Program
Latest News!

We have finished and released for publication:

Man with a Gun
How to Stay Alive

Written by a retired Police Major with extensive professional experience, academic background, training administration, relevant research-based knowledge, and who is the creator of the ACT Program, this book can save your life!

Available in digital and paperback format through Amazon.com (ordering link), Barnes & Noble, and other outlets!

Also, be sure to visit the ‘Man with a Gun’ Facebook page!